A Supermoon Graced The Skies Overnight But Australians Are Massively Underwhelmed

    Thanks, cloud. Thanks.

    Tonight's supermoon was supposed to be the largest sighting of our lunar neighbour since 1948.

    Unfortunately, some Australian cities could not revel in its grandness.

    Our temperamental late-spring weather had other plans.

    largest #supermoon in 68 years and #Melbourne has full cloud cover...

    NASA claimed that earthlings will be able to see the moon 10-15% larger than usual, and 30% brighter.

    Just went and saw the #supermoon and I think I want my money back

    And in some areas of the world that appeared to be true.

    And Aussies, the nature-lovers that we are, were very hopeful. Excited, even.

    I hope my son sees the #supermoon tonight. When he turns 34 in 2034 where another supermoon will appear, he'd say "Saw this w/Mum!" #future

    People literally flocked to awesome vantage points to witness this celestial beauty.

    The dark isn't deterring many - a number of people have set up chairs and picnic blankets for a moon-watching nigh… https://t.co/IUjp8Qb718

    But nope. It wasn't happening in Australia.

    the moon is a bit bigger but 'supermoon' is taking the BLOODY piss

    A few disappointed people did some fact-checking.

    Some were very confused.

    Oh I thought #supermoon was a promo hashtag for #Supergirl

    Seeing as the moon wouldn't deliver as promised, some just chose to be philosophical.

    The tides are there regardless of whether the moon is full or not. But we focus more on what is seen rather than what is felt. #SuperMoon

    Deep, man.

    For a moment there, the clouds opened up to show a glimpse of this supposed lunar super-ness.

    Clouds finally out of the way for the #supermoon #australia 🌕

    But unless you've got one of these badass setups or a telescope...

    You won't really capture much.

    The best picture I got with an iPhone camera lol~ #supermoon

    See, champion athletes can even catch the moonbeam with their hands!

    I caught the super moon tonight..#supermoon

    Super, my ass!

    #supermoon Got a great picture of the super moon

    Oh well, maybe next time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Don't worry Sydney, there's always 2034! #supermoon

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