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26 Things You've Realised As A European Travelling Australia

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling true blue.

1. You're actually OK with walking around in flip flops now.

Giphy: @lilireinhart / Via

What do you mean they're not work-appropriate?

2. Or worse, barefoot.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer / Via

Damn, gotta love that beach life.

3. A drink on the beach can clear your mind better than anything else.

Cinema Group Ventures / Via

The best meditation.

4. Especially at sunset.


If there's one thing Australia does best, it's sunsets.

5. That being said, you can't stand crammed beaches anymore.

ABC / Via

Long, white, empty coasts is where it's at.

6. A six-hour flight becomes a walk in the park.

HBO / Via

Because nothing will ever compare to your 18-hour flight to Australia.

7. So you appreciate how lucky you are to live on a continent where you can travel to each country in just a couple of hours.

Joerg Niggli / Via

And it's cheap, too!

8. You actually... start caring more about your fitness.

ESPN / Via

Aussie gym rats, you corrupted me, but I'm thankful for it.

9. You gotta start your day with Vegemite and avocado toast.

Instagram: jmrzcat / Via

This stuff is the bomb.

10. Seeing kangaroos is not that big of a deal anymore.

Nat Geo Wild / Via

You wouldn't be surprised if you found one in your backyard. Ok, maybe not in the city. But they've become pretty commonplace for you.

11. Driving for four hours straight isn't as daunting as it used to be.

Bona Fide Productions / Via

It's actually doable.

12. But you now understand the value of a good road trip playlist.

Much Digital Studios / Via

Roads can be LOOOONG.

13. And having the right road trip partners.

Henson Associates / Via

You don't wanna experience four hours of awkward car silences.

14. You realise how exhausting city life can be.

Channel 4 / Via

Damn, where y'all running off to at 6am?

15. And how slow life in rural towns can be.

Hof Butenland / Via

The only catcalling you'll hear are "MOOO"s and "BAAA"s.

16. You've fully substituted saying "I think" with "I reckon".

Channel 10 / Via

17. You gain a deeper respect for the history of other countries and the indigenous cultures.


18. You're more appreciative of nature and its beauty.


19. And how powerful it can be.


Australia's landscapes make you feel so small.

20. You're not as bothered by bugs as you used to be.

Geffen Pictures / Via

A cockroach in your Sydney home? Get used to it.

21. You start getting an idea of how many species of animals there actually are.

Symbio Wildlife Park / Via

Yes, it's a lot more than you'd ever imagined. And Australia claims a good variety.

22. You learn to conquer your fears...

GoPro / Via

Life's too short to not go skydiving.

23. And just be more adventurous!


As cheesy as it might sound, it's still true: You only live once.

24. Packing for your flight back home looks like this.


25. As you start heading home, you begin planning your next trip…

Giphy: @thefutureiswow / Via

26. ...because there's just too much unexplored land out there!


After seeing the beauty of Australia, you really wonder how much more you can discover when you're miles away from home.

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