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Five Ways Sherlock Has Adapted To The 21st Century

Like me, you might be eagerly awaiting the finale of Sherlock on Sunday evening. The BBC One show which first aired in 2010 has kept fans at the edge of their seats to find out what will become of Sherlock and Dr Watson. But looking back on the Sherlock Holmes I watched as a child, and the Sherlock Holmes that is on our screens now, it got me thinking about how Sherlock has needed to adapt to the 21st century.

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1. First up, Sherlock has had to go digital

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If Sherlock's not tweeting about his latest case or provoking a suspect with witty and obnoxious comments, then Watson is blogging away to make sure the business keeps on coming. With social media showing no signs of slowing down and the instantaneous methods in which we all get our news now; it would make sense that Sherlock would be ahead of the game. Going digital has given Sherlock more scope and opportunities to leverage cases. Well if Sherlock can do it, there's really no excuse for the rest of us.

2. ​He's also had to keep his wardrobe on trend

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It's not rare to see fashions come back around again. I mean who knew we'd be wearing jumpsuits that are awfully similar to those ABBA and my Mum used to wear? But Sherlock's impeccable dress (on his good days) has never faltered no matter if you watch him now or forty years ago. Together with his timeless suits and scarves, Sherlock's hats always make an appearance - although probably less so than they did in years gone by. Should we introduce him to James Bay? #hatpals?

3. Sherlock has had to keep his feet on the ground

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His obsessive personality means he can become easily distracted and fixated. The pressures of a modern 21st century would no doubt put a strain on Sherlock's addictions. The modern Sherlock will be exposed to immediate praise...and criticism. He'll be targeted, tempted and tested on a daily basis given his rising fame and online personality.

4. He has to consider the findings from our new scientific and technological developments

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No matter how much progress we make, Sherlock's instinct and logic will always prevail and be his first tool for solving a case. But the 21st century has brought with it the world of new technology helping to answer more questions and mysteries. So, although Sherlock's method of deduction is one talent that will forever make him unique, and dare I say it, the best at what he does — has his deduction been improved with this new insight?

5. My personal favourite, Sherlock and Watson have embraced the bromance

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Ok, so they have their ups and downs but what bromance doesn't? They bounce off each other, embrace their unique qualities and combine their skills to make the ultimate detective team.

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