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Which Old-School Murder Case Freaks You Out The Most?

There’s more than just Jack the Ripper.

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Howdy. Murder cases are horrifyingly fascinating as it is, but I want to talk about the old-school ones — like, from the 1950s and earlier.

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Maybe you've heard of the 1933 Papin sisters story, about the French maids who killed the family they worked for, then gouged the mother's eyes out.

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Perhaps you knew that in 1929, Carl Mahan was only 6 years old when he shot one of his friends to death after an argument over a piece of scrap metal.

Murderpedia / The Stanford Daily

Or maybe you've heard the notorious tale of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short's death in 1947, aka the Black Dahlia Murder.

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So now that we've set the mood, we wanna know: What are some of your favorite murder cases from the 1950s and earlier?

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Jack the Ripper counts, because who could forget him (or her?! It's STILL unsolved).

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