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Posted on Oct 19, 2017

Which Non-American Murder Case Scares The Hell Out Of You?

They're all pretty fucked up.

Howdy, folks. Stories about murder are fascinating, and while quite a few American cases are very popular, it's time to chat about international ones.

Universal Pictures

Maybe you're blown away by the story of Colin Ireland, the British man who made a New Year's resolution in 1993 to become a serial killer — and followed through.

Murderpedia, Fair Use

Perhaps you know about Polish killer Krystian Bala, who was caught because he slipped clues about the murder he committed into a book he wrote.


Or maybe you've heard of the Australian Crawford family murder, where a father killed his entire family by driving them off a cliff.


We wanna learn about your favorite international murder cases, so tell us which ones have always interested you.


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