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Tell Us About A Time Your Sexting Went Horribly Wrong

*accidentally sends nudes to mom* *begins to plan my funeral*

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Sending a sexy text every once in a while can be fun, but sometimes it can go hilariously wrong.


Maybe you wrote a very detailed sext to your partner about your upcoming night together, but you accidentally sent it to your MOM.


Perhaps things were getting hot and heavy with your S.O., and then you sent a typo that changed the mood from sexy to silly. / Apple, Inc.

Or maybe you sent nudes to your spouse while they were at work, and the pics accidentally popped up on-screen while they were doing a presentation.


Sexting can go really wrong, really fast, so tell us, what's your funniest sexting horror story?


Send us a screenshot or tell us your story in the Dropbox below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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