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Which Incredibly Brutal Murder Cases Scare The Shit Out Of You?

What the fuck, y'all.

🚨 Warning: This post contains highly disturbing content and images. Please continue at your own discretion. 🚨

Not one single murder case in history could be described as "pleasant," but some are truly more brutal than the rest.

Maybe you've heard of the murder of Junko Furuta, who was kidnapped in Tokyo, tortured for 44 days, and tossed into a giant drum filled with concrete to die.

Perhaps you're aware that flight attendant Helle Crafts was murdered by her pilot husband, and then he threw her body in a wood chipper. What the fuck?

Or maybe you've read about Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo, the man who assaulted, stabbed, and ate so many human beings that he's known as the Rostov Ripper.

Not all murders are created equal, so tell us: What are the most brutal, insane, hard-to-believe ones you've ever heard of?

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