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Posted on Jul 11, 2017

What's The Funniest Thing On The Internet About Ghosts?

“Can a ghost and a zombie come from the same person?”

Ghosts can be terrifying, especially when you're alone in the dark or watching a scary movie.

The CW

But reading jokes about them makes them less spooky, folks!!!

Maybe you saw a tweet that made you think differently about those creepy, mysterious lil' spectres.

Perhaps you saw a really inappropriate post that made you laugh your ass off.

Or maybe you saw one that made you ~think~.

There are some darn good ghost-themed tweets and Tumblr posts out there, so share your faves with us via the Dropbox below. If you can't find the post, describe it to us the best you can!

We'll pick our favorites and feature them in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!