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Tell Us The Grossest "Would You Rather" You Can Think Of

*Saw voice* I wanna play a game.

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"Would You Rather" is a game of hypotheticals that makes you choose between two scenarios — and you MUST answer honestly.

You've probably played before, right?
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You've probably played before, right?

Maybe one time your friend asked a question that made you gag:

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Perhaps your girlfriend came up with one that made you wonder, "Where the fuck did that come from?":

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Or maybe you came up with one on your own that made you realize how messed-up in the head you are:

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So now we want to play the grossest "Would You Rather" yet. Tell us the most disgusting one you can think of via the DropBox below.

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The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.

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