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Tell Us Which New Songs From 2020 Got You Through The Year

No matter the genre, we want to know!

This year was weird, obviously, and we all comforted ourselves in different ways. Personally, I found solace in listening to any and all new songs that crossed my path.

A girl sits on her bed wearing headphones, looking at a laptop.

No matter the song genre, whatever was suggested to me, I tried it. So now I want to hear which songs got you through this year.

A girl with white hair wears a skeleton suit while flying through a subway station

Maybe you screamed when you learned that Ariana was releasing a single, and you've already listened to "positions" 241 times.

A young adult woman with a long ponytail leans over a kitchen counter. Her head is resting on her chin and her mouth is slightly open as if she's singing.

Or you discovered an artist you'd never heard of prior to lockdown, like Arlo Parks. After playing "Eugene" once, it's been on repeat ever since.

A young girl with short hair lies on a bed, looking up at the ceiling. Her head is slightly resting on a decorative pillow and her eyes and mouth are slightly open, as if shes mid-singing

Perhaps "Savage" by Megan thee Stallion brought some much-needed energy to your previously lethargic days of quarantine.

A woman with long hair and nails holds a microphone while singing. She is leaning back.

Or Chris Stapleton's "Starting Over" meant so much to you that you added it to every 2020 playlist you made.

A man with a fuzzy beard and long hair is sitting on a chair, strumming an acoustic guitar.

It's also possible that you counted down the hours 'til the release of BTS's "Dynamite," and now have no idea how you would've dealt with this year without hearing it.

A young man with flowy hair opens his mouth slightly as if he's singing. He wears clear sunglasses and an earring

We were blessed with so much fabulous new music in 2020, so tell us: Which new songs got you through the year, and why?

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The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.