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31 Times Patrick Stump Ruined All Other Men For You

Happy 31st birthday to the one and only man with the soul voice!

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9. When he posted this heartwarming tweet, and inspired you to have several great days in a row.

Hope everyone's having a marvelous day. And if not yet, there's always time to turn it around

11. When he let you see him in his PJs, and it was everything you've ever dreamed of.

12. When he was a total dad and used the word "Wowzers..." and suddenly, you loved that word.

Oh my goodness. Thanks @AltPress! Thanks everyone who voted for us! Thanks @savestheday for presenting it! Wowzers! Oh and thanks Cleveland


13. When he posted this selfie, and made even the hottest guy you know look like a shriveled-up prune.

16. When he was so freakin' gorgeous that he almost made Niagara Falls look bad.


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