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23 Strange Movie Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Until Now

Betcha didn’t know O.J. Simpson was almost the lead in ​The Terminator.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the weirdest movie facts they know. Here are the entertaining results.

1. O.J. Simpson almost played the Terminator, but James Cameron thought his persona was "too pleasant" to portray such a dark character.

POOL / Getty Images
Hemdale Film Corporation

—Jessica Dacre, Facebook

2. The sound of the velociraptors communicating with each other in Jurassic Park is actually the sound of tortoises mating.

Universal Studios / Amblin Entertainment


3. Psycho was released in black and white because Hitchcock kept receiving backlash about the shower scene being too gory.

Universal Studios / Paramount Pictures

4. The big scene in Pulp Fiction where Vincent stabs Mia in the heart with a needle was actually shot in reverse. So really, John Travolta was pulling the needle out of her.

Miramax Films


5. The burning-of-Atlanta scene in Gone With the Wind was created by setting fire to old sets found on the MGM lot.


—Joseph Logue, Facebook

6. While filming Poltergeist, Robbie truly got choked during a take by the robot clown doll — it wasn't until the boy turned purple that Spielberg realized what was actually happening.



7. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon put a gay sex scene in the original Good Will Hunting script, just to see who'd actually read it. Harvey Weinstein noticed the out-of-place scene, and was thus hired.

Miramax Films


8. In Django Unchained, there's a scene where Leo DiCaprio smashes a glass in a fit of rage, causing his hand to bleed. This was an accident, but Tarantino kept it in the movie.

The Weinstein Company

9. Silent Hill's locale is based on a real place: Centralia, Pennsylvania. It's mostly abandoned, but anyone who's ever visited confirms it's really unsettling.

Konami / TriStar Pictures

10. Gregory Peck took his role in 1976's The Omen as a way to work out his "personal demons" — his son had killed himself right before he auditioned.

20th Century Fox

11. The stunt double for Daniel Radcliffe was paralyzed in the last Harry Potter movie, so Daniel created a fundraiser to pay for his college education.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.


12. In The Hangover, Ed Helms is ACTUALLY missing a tooth. He got a permanent implant when he was a teenager, so his dentist removed it for filming.

Warner Bros.

13. In The Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West was severely burned by a flame in the scene where she is leaving Munchkinland after confronting Dorothy.


14. Judith Barsi, the 10-year-old girl who played Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go to Heaven, died tragically before the film was released.

United Artists / MGM

—Bennie Potter, Facebook

15. When Alex was being dunked repeatedly in A Clockwork Orange, there was an air tube underwater for actor Malcolm McDowell to breathe through — however, it got clogged, so all of his struggles were him actually drowning.

Warner Bros.

16. Scream was somewhat based on a real ’90s Florida murder spree.

Dimension Films

—Beatrice Jane, Facebook

17. During the chestbuster scene in Alien, the actors didn’t know what was about to happen, so their absolutely horrified reactions are real.

20th Century Fox

18. Tony Todd put actual bees in his mouth while filming this scary Candyman scene.

TriStar Pictures

—Jordan Christine, Facebook

19. The voice of Boo from Monsters, Inc., Mary Gibbs, was just a toddler during production. The crew couldn’t get her to sit still and read her lines, so they had her play in the studio while following her around with a mic.

Walt Disney Pictures

20. Joe Pesci actually bit Macaulay Culkin while filming this Home Alone scene.

20th Century Fox

—Roxanne Marie, Facebook

21. ET and Poltergeist were originally supposed to be the same movie, called Night Skies.

Universal Studios

—Karen Hobowsky, Facebook

22. Will Ferrell's reactions during the jack-in-the-box scene in Elf were totally real — the director surprised him every time he played with one of the toys by using a remote control.

New Line Cinema

—Jai Bird, Facebook

23. And Jack Nicholson pulled a real gun on Leo DiCaprio in The Departed, even though it wasn't in the script. He thought the scene wasn't intense enough initially.

Warner Bros.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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