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What Are The Creepiest Cults Of All Time?

It’s not just about the Manson Family.

You probably already know quite a bit about The Manson Family and the Peoples Temple, so you know that, for the most part, cults are TERRIFYING.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

Maybe you've also heard of the Matamoros cult, which, under leader Adolfo Constanzo, believed human sacrifices would give them "success and protection."

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

Perhaps you know of Heaven’s Gate, the group that believed the entire Earth was going to be wiped out soon, so they participated in a mass suicide in 1997.

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

Or maybe you know of Aum Shinrikyo, the Japanese doomsday cult that caused the horrific Tokyo subway nerve gas attack of 1995.

Wikipedia Commons / っ / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Via

Cults are no joke, and they're terrifying, so tell us: What's the creepiest cult you've ever heard about?

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