Green Day Released New Music And, Fuck, It’s Good

    ♫ It's something unpredictable ♫ BUT WE KNOW IT'S GONNA BE GOOD.

    Hi. Remember Green Day??? The eyeliner kings who created one of the most iconic rock operas of the modern day?


    Well, today they released a new song for the first time in four years, and it's FRIGGIN' INCREDIBLE. OBVIOUSLY.

    After months of teasing us with Instagram pics of in-studio action, Billie Joe Armstrong made this official announcement last week:

    Anyway, the new song's called "Bang Bang," and here's the best part: 🚨 IT SOUNDS LIKE OLD GREEN DAY.🚨

    That's right, folks, you said you missed that old Green Day sound, so the guys delivered.

    Well, what're you waiting for? You can hear their new song right here:

    OH, and they announced a new album, Revolution Radio, that'll be out October 7.

    Thank you, punk rock gods.