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    Allergy Or Cavity? Which One Is It?

    Have you ever felt like you’ve gotten the worst allergies ever, and in turn it’s also affecting the pain that you’re feeling in your mouth as well? Allergies can affect your teeth, and often, seasonal allergies might even feel like you have a cavity, and this also can affect your mental health as well, along with your physical obviously too. But what are some of the symptoms that allergies can have on our teeth? Well, you’re about to find out.

    The first, is tooth pain. If your teeth hurt, then there is a chance that you might have allergies. On each side of your nose and at the tips of the upper molars are the maxillary sinuses. If you have a lot of congestion and mucus building up in these cavities, they can put pressure on the face and the head, especially on the upper teeth, and this in turn can cause sensitivity in the teeth as well. If you feel it in the upper molars, there is a strong chance that it might be allergies, and not just tooth pain as well.

    A sore throat is another symptom of allergies, and often, this is something that affects the mouth as well. If you’re coughing in excess, sneezing like crazy, and you have nasal drip, this can in turn cause your throat to be sore. It can from there drain down your throat from the nose, and this will also cause your throat to be sore and swollen. You also might feel all that gunk in your mouth as well, and this can be something that you should be watching out for.

    Finally, one of the biggest problems during the seasonal allergy epidemic, is dry mouth. We want to try everything to get rid of these symptoms, which are driving us crazy, including antihistamines, but one of the side effects that they don’t talk about is dry mouth, or xerostomia, which in turn will make your mouth feel dry all the time. But, this then poses a problem for the person, because you need saliva in the mouth, for this will protect the mouth and the teeth from the bacteria there, which also will prevent bad breath. If you don’t have these, you’re going to cause bacteria to grow, but also it can make your breath smell, which is why often, when you first wake up during the seasonal changes, it can cause you to retch at the smell of your breath. So, make sure that if you do need to take an antihistamine, you do make sure that you drink a lot of water, which will keep you nice and fully hydrated, allowing you to have a healthy mouth full of lots of saliva.

    But, if you’ve been at risk for a cavity before in the past, or you know that you have one, this combined with the rest of the allergens in the air, can make it a nightmare. If you have sinus pain, it also might be covering up for other problems if you don’t check this out, and often it is in your best interest to see a dentist during this time of year regardless to ensure that you’re getting the help that you need to keep your mouth nice and healthy. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to make sure that this isn’t something bigger, and definitely wouldn’t hurt if you know that you have a cavity, and you need to get the treatment for that as soon as you possibly can.

    So yes, it wouldn’t hurt to see the lake osWEGO dentist. That much is obvious. But, do make sure that if you do have a healthy mouth, and you start to feel these, that sometimes it is just the changing of the seasons. It’s not that fun, but often, it’s something that you totally can’t avoid, so make sure that if you are suffering, you do take the right precautions, but also make sure that if you feel like you’re going crazy because of these allergies, that if you do take something to help alleviate this, that you make sure that it isn’t going to adversely affect you for whatever reason.

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