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The 22 Worst Parts Of Being A Girl In The Early '00s

You have to suffer for those zigzag parts.

1. Burning off a chunk of hair trying to crimp it so it looked just like Christina's.

2. Realizing you missed a piece of the star poster you'd been working on for months.

3. Trying to undo the braid you got on that vacation you went on to the Bahamas with your family and just losing the whole lock of hair.

4. When insects would occasionally get stuck in the 14 layers of lip gloss you were wearing.

5. Or your hair. Hard to say which was worse.

6. Plucking your eyebrows just a *little too much*.

7. And then never quite being able to naturally fill them back in.

8. Garnier hair dye that looked a little bit different from what you were promised on the box.

9. When those things on your favorite earrings were so bent that they didn't fit anymore.

10. When your transparent bra strap stuck to your skin in the summer.

11. When you had to do your manicure with Wite-Out because sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

12. When you were trying to make a zigzag part in your hair and you practically had to drill a hole in your scalp with the tail comb.

13. When a spike suddenly broke off of your studded Hot Topic wristband.

14. Desperately trying to make the henna tattoo that you got at the fair last as long as possible.

15. Dropping your bronzing powder and breaking it into a thousand useless pieces.

16. When your fingernail piercing would get caught on your wool sweater.

17. When the strap on your platform flip-flops tore off and you were nowhere near home or a shoe store.

18. And the awful pain when that **stylish** belt with the bedazzled crown buckle shanked your belly when you sat down.

19. When the expensive Uggs you bought a couple years before finally wore through.

20. And the deep sadness you felt when your Juicy Couture tracksuit shrank.

21. Or when the zipper on your fake Louis Vuitton purse broke.

22. But nothing was worse than when your Glow perfume was suddenly empty...EXCEPT FOR WHEN THE CHAIN FELL OFF.