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19 Moments Of Pain Everyone With Fake Nails Will Recognize

"Sorry, you have to hand me the change. I can't pick it up."

1. Just try to open a can. I dare you.

2. The fear that you're driving your colleagues crazy with the loud tippy tappy of your nails on your keyboard.

3. Even gloves are a headache.

4. And any attempt to pick up coins off a counter is just funny (and pathetic).

5. And use of your phone is severely limited. Texts are essentially out of the question.

6. Little ear studs regularly make you go ballistic.

7. But it doesn't stop there. You're no longer able to latch your own necklaces and bracelets either.

8. If your nails are REALLY long, it's damn near impossible to remove your card from ATM machines.

Good luck getting by without any cash OR an ATM card!

9. Or what about this tragedy in three acts?


10. Cutting things is so annoying! BECAUSE YOUR STUPID NAILS ARE ALWAYS IN THE WAY!

11. And you suddenly have to relearn how to hold a pen because with long nails even the most ingrained habits become IMPOSSIBLE.

12. And putting in contact lenses suddenly becomes a dangerous undertaking.

13. Nothing feels grosser than finding little bits of old food stuck under your nails.

14. Trying to undo a simple button takes FOREVER.

15. And instruments are out of the question.

How do you do it, Dolly?

16. You have to be extra careful if you want to avoid scratching your face off.

17. And you've accidentally burned the end off your fingernail when you've gone to light a candle.

18. But the worst thing in the world is when a nail breaks off...

19. But despite all the little heartaches your nails cause you, you would never give them up. #longnailsdontcare


Deleted one image in number 15.