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7 Hilariously Clever Last Minute Halloween Costumes

I probably should have written this sooner but in true last minute style, I am haphazardly putting this together on Halloween. This is not a post with cat ears and sheet-ghost suggestions, this is for those of you who want an ingenious costume all while putting forth 0 effort. I'll spare you with my jarringly witty introductive commentary because lets face it, you don't have time to be wasting.

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1. Formation Beyonce

A screenshot from the music video for Beyonce’s “Formation” (via Youtube) / Via

Things you need: red lipstick, braids, large brimmed black hat, off the shoulders black shirt/dress, lots of jewelry and unrelenting rage. If you don't have a ton of jewelry at this shorter length, try playing with the clasps or adding a hair tie in the back to cinch up the length.

2. RIP Vine

Eye makeup: Mugeek Vidalondon, Dress:, Cut makeup:, Tombstone: clipart, Vine logo: brandsoftheworld / Via google

This costume is almost too easy and only requires owning something green, finding some dark makeup and printing out the vine logo. What I will not do for you: caption your photos in this awesome costume.

3. (In addition to #2) Instagram Killer

Instagramlogo: 101brandlogos, shoes: converse / Via

What you need: dead vine friend, sunset colored clothing, printed instagram logo, weapon of choice. Bonus points: you can be an insta-vampire here to suck the blood dry from vine. Too dark?

4. Yeezy SZN Dystopian People

Yeezy SZN / Via

If you're like me, this is what you look like laying around the house, so many of you may not even need to change. Aim to pull together a monochromatic outfit using lots of layers.

6. Branden Miller's Joanne the Scammer

Branden Miller / Via Instagram

What you need: wig, (faux) fur coat, notebook paper & red marker.

I think I may be stuck on the wig idea, but Branden Miller is comedic gold. Dressing as Branden Miller dressed as Joanne the Scammer has almost as many layers as the movie Inception so that has to count for something.

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