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Here's How To Break Up With a Friend Like a Damn Adult

Friend breakups suck as much as regular ones. Here's how to make them suck a little less.

Not all friendships last forever, and breaking one off can be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable — no matter how old you are.

1. First, know how to identify a toxic friendship that might be more draining that it is rewarding.

2. Then decide which route is best: setting new boundaries for your friendship, phasing it out slowly, or formally ending it.

3. The boundaries you set can be specific or vague, depending on your needs.

4. The ~slow fade~ really only works when both people are in on it.

5. Formally ending a friendship is a bit more tricky. First, you're going to want to plan the conversation ahead.

6. Yes, you can do it over text — but only in very specific circumstances.

When trying to break up with your best friend doesn't go so well...

Try to be honest with yourself. If you want to dump your friend via text, is it because it's easier or because it actually makes sense for your friendship? If texting is your main mode of communication and it's not unusual for you guys to have in depth chats there, then go for it, says Bonior. If not, come on. Just don't.

7. If you’re going to meet them in person, pick the place and time the same way you would a romantic breakup.

8. Don't use the excuse of being busy, no matter how tempted you are.

9. Make the breakup about you and your needs, not about their shortcomings.

10. And if you decide it's important to tell them how they hurt you or where things went wrong, give some thought to your intentions and whether it's worth it.

11. No matter what, just be kind and mature.

12. If you truly don't want to have any more contact with this person, you'll probably have to be super specific about that.

13. If you are in the same friend group or have friends in common, fill them in once the deed is done.

14. Once it's done, follow through with whatever boundaries you set.

15. By the way, if a friend is truly toxic or abusive towards you, you obviously have the right to drop the friendship cold turkey.

16. And just a reminder: You shouldn't feel guilty about ending a friendship nor will doing so negate the history you have together.

17. Finally, be gentle with yourself afterwards. Friendship breakups are just as painful as romantic ones and you should treat it that way.