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    23 Insanely Relatable Stages Of Partying As An Introvert

    Can I leave yet?

    So it's the weekend. And you're an introvert. You know what that means.

    But just because you're an introvert doesn't mean socializing isn't on the agenda.

    There's just a whole different process.

    1. First things first, your friends usually have to talk you out of the relaxing night in you had planned.

    2. When you finally agree, you clear your schedule beforehand so you have time to charge and mentally prepare for a big night out.

    3. You pretty much always toy with the idea of canceling.

    4. And mentally rehearse a few reasonable excuses that don't include, "Tbh, I'd rather stay in and chill with a bottle of wine."

    5. Eventually, you've waffled so much that it’s too late to cancel without being rude.

    6. So you may as well go. Bar, house party, club, whatever: Here you come.

    7. You don your ~socializing~ uniform.

    8. You arrive just fashionably late enough that it’s not rude.

    9. Once you get there, you have a brief moment of questioning all your life choices.

    10. Luckily, you're all charged up from your alone time and remember, OH YEAH, YOU LIKE PEOPLE.

    11. Admittedly, if the place you're at has any animals, you'll spend a good chunk of the night socializing with them instead.

    12. Same with staying at the edges of the room so you can actually HEAR the people you're talking to.

    13. After a few drinks, you become momentarily convinced that all your life, you have been SEVERELY MISTAKEN about your introversion.

    14. Seriously, how did you ever think you were an introvert?

    15. But that lasts for about 15 minutes before your introvert batteries start draining and you're like, "Oh, right."

    16. And as your energy starts to wane so do your social skills.

    17. You accidentally tune straight out of a conversation because you're fantasizing about your bed.

    18. And planning your exit strategy.

    19. You start dropping hints that it's probably time for you to head out and your friends are scandalized.

    20. Eventually, finally, you take your leave. VICTORY.

    21. Your friends can always catch you up on what happened after you left tomorrow. But you have a feeling you won't miss much.

    22. When you get home, you immediately get a wave of new energy.

    23. Which is good, because it's the WEEKEND and your night is far from over. Hello Netflix, reading, and random web surfing.