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    37 Perfect Gifts For All The Introverts In Your Life

    Second only to the gift of uninterrupted alone time.

    1. This minimalist tee that puts it all out there.

    $36.90, via Etsy.

    2. This mat to help them ward off unwanted guests.

    $38, via Etsy.

    3. This honest wall decal.

    $9, via Etsy.

    4. This trifecta of on-point notebooks.

    $3.99 each, via The Roost.

    5. This mug that at least says please.

    $16, via Etsy.

    6. A print to hang up in their ~alone zone~.

    $5, via Etsy.

    7. This journal that will coax them from their quiet sensibilities.

    8. How about some invitations for their next low-key get together with fellow introverts?

    9. These bracelets to celebrate your perfectly complementary friendship.

    $20, via Etsy.

    10. This official Introvert Club bag.

    11. This very important print that shows the difference between their inner and outer worlds.

    $9.16, via Etsy.

    12. This map of an introvert's heart.

    13. This book that will remind them that they're amazing, even if it's an extrovert's world out there.

    14. This phone case that says no so they don't have to.

    15. This print that nails what it feels like to be an introvert.

    $14.56, via Society6.

    16. A steaming cup of "I know how to have a good time."

    $13, via Etsy.

    17. This pillow, because ALL INTROVERTS LOVE CATS, don't you know?

    18. This phone case that's all, "Y'know, indoors? Away from people?"

    19. This tote with a very important PSA.

    20. This necklace that will keep the peace.

    $20, via Etsy.

    21. This lovely case for their inner book nerd.

    22. This tank-slash-disclaimer.

    23. This print that may or may not be a gentle warning to others.

    24. This very useful decal.

    25. This sign that will probably get a lot of use, tbh.

    $18, via Etsy.

    26. This muscle tank that highlights the important things in life.

    27. A card to celebrate their special day.

    $4.50, via Etsy.

    28. This big mug of TRUTH.

    29. This warning that's too punny to be mean.

    $12, via Etsy.

    30. A perfect container for their favorite candy.

    $8.95, via Etsy.

    31. This lovely representation of their inner world.

    $14, via Etsy.

    32. The nicest wish they could possibly receive.

    $3.60, via Etsy.

    33. This sign that they can hang pointedly around their extroverted coworkers.

    $46, via Etsy.

    34. This tee that sums up what it's like to exist in such a loud world.

    $15, via Etsy.

    35. This necklace they can flash when they've had enough social interaction for the day.

    $30, via Etsy.

    36. This very useful built-in excuse.

    37. So they can wake up to a fresh cup of nope every morning.

    $10, via Etsy.

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