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10 Photos That Perfectly Capture Being A Man With Depression

“There’s always someone you could talk to. Often closer than you think.”

In a new #ReachOut campaign, HeadsUpGuys, a resource dedicated to helping men fight depression, asked photographers and artists to capture their own battles with depression and talk about the importance of seeking help.

1. “Sometimes it can be the hardest part but if you reach out you never know who will be there to pull you through.”

2. “When we become trapped in our own thoughts, we may leave slack on the lines of communication between our friends and loved ones."

3. "There is no shame in asking for help. We are only human and we shouldn’t carry everything on our shoulders because it would only cause our downfall.”

4. "Our loved ones are able to remind us of who we are as a whole.”

5. "Even in the darkest of times, I can and do reach others."

6. "Isolating yourself only makes things worse."

7. "[Know] you are worthy and deserving of love and support from others."

8. "Even in the darkest days there is always hope and help for clearer days."

9. "When you’re able to articulate what you’re struggling with, it almost becomes something separate to you rather than something which is so overwhelming."

10. “There’s always someone you could talk to. Often closer than you think.”

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