16 Things You Should Know Before Getting Contacts

    No, your contact won't roll to the back of your head.

    For people who need vision aids, contacts are a convenient and popular choice. But if you've only ever worn glasses, they can be kiiiind of intimidating.

    1. The exam for contact lenses is a little more complicated than the one for glasses.

    2. You'll also practice putting them on and taking them off — probably a lot.

    3. You should make your first appointment at a time when you won't be in a rush.

    4. To prepare, make sure your nails are clean, smooth, and short, and maybe skip eye makeup for the day.

    5. A lot of factors will determine what lenses are right for you, including your lifestyle and personal preference. So FYI, these are going to be the main options:

    6. For most people with basic contact needs, daily disposables are probably going to be the best option.

    7. Plan on at least one follow-up exam.

    8. Between your first appointment and your follow-up, pay attention to these signs that your contacts might not be the best fit.

    9. Don't be discouraged if it takes you several tries to find the right pair of contacts. That's normal.

    10. That said, even with the perfect pair, it'll take some time to get fully used to wearing them.

    11. You can't sleep, shower, or swim in your contacts, so don't try.

    12. While we're at it, here are some other gross mistakes lots of first-time contact users make:

    13. Before you ask, no, they're not gonna roll to the back of your head.

    14. Practicing and experimenting with different ways to take them out and put them in is OK as long as you're safe about it.

    15. When in doubt, take your contacts out.

    16. And lastly, celebrate, because you're about to be able to SEE.


    Most people love the transition from glasses to contacts, says Nguyen. Sure, contacts come with their own sets of responsibilities and challenges, but you get added peripheral vision, better magnification, and don't have to fuss with frames. So ENJOY.