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27 Times Tumblr Nailed This “Being Healthy” Thing


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1. This accurate AF timeline of you working out:

2. This DIY home gym you need in your life:

3. This reminder that you can exercise anywhere:

4. This yoga pose you've mastered:

5. The ONLY way to do a cleanse, tbh:

6. This genius calorie-burning advice:

7. This post-exercise ritual you’ve definitely done:

8. This post that helps you weigh your options:

9. This totally legit rationalization we've all made:

10. This ridiculous double standard:

11. This useful comeback:

12. This very important question:

13. And this one:

14. And this one, while we're at it:

15. And the most important question of them all:

16. This superior distinction:

17. This idea that needs to happen IMMEDIATELY:

18. This post that's just too real:

19. This post that's not here for carb-shaming:

20. This post that doesn't have time for your cutesy clichés:

21. This truth bomb:

22. This crucial life motto:

23. This proper response to haters:

24. This indispensable advice:

25. This direct quote from your autobiography:

26. This accurate description of stretching:

27. This completely true, not at all exaggerated representation of the importance of staying hydrated:

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