16 Diagrams That Will Help You Chill The Fuck Out

    Consider this your chill manual.

    1. For making every day a little more chill:

    2. For brewing the perfect cup of tea every time:

    3. For taking a much-needed break from your crazy life.

    4. For relaxing your body and mind:

    5. For making the most relaxing bath salts possible:

    6. For helping calm your anxiety in the long-run:

    7. For pampering the crap out of yourself:

    8. For developing healthier habits:

    9. For tidying up the most stressful part of your day:

    10. For managing nerves in front of a group:

    11. For decompressing with some relaxing doodles:

    12. For keeping those negative thoughts from ruining your chill:

    13. For staying calm in stressful situations:

    14. For when you just need to breathe:

    15. For relieving ALL THE STRESS:

    16. And finally, for relaxing as you fall asleep: