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20 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Meal Prep

Tupperware? More like tupperWHERE THE HELL IS THE LID?

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1. Your fridge is pretty much a lesson in organizational porn.

You're a Tupperware-Tetris MASTER.

You're a Tupperware-Tetris MASTER.

2. Which is sadly something you can't say about your storage cabinet.

Don't even ask about lids.

Don't even ask about lids.

3. Seriously, you're singlehandedly keeping Glad in business.

4. Your grocery hauls always look like you’re preparing for an apocalypse.

5. Not to mention that unloading all your groceries is pretty much its own workout.

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6. People think you can cook, but in reality you only know like five recipes.

But you've got those recipes down to an ART.

But you've got those recipes down to an ART.

7. Your friends know better than to ask you to do anything on meal prep days.

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8. You have no problem eating the same meal several times a week.

9. But OK, sometimes your cravings don't match up with the stuff you've prepped.

10. And heating up your prepped meals isn’t always as easy as it should be.

11. Looking at other people's meal prep photos is basically porn to you.

12. Your pots and pans can never quite handle your lofty meal prep dreams.

13. Every week, you swear you're never going to meal prep again because of all the goddamn dishes you have to do after.

14. You've had a few chopping-related accidents.

15. When you do decide to order takeout, you're almost as excited about the containers as you are about the food.

16. There’s always that rogue meal that gets lost at the back of the fridge.

17. Not to mention, there's this:

18. There's little else that compares to the joy of getting home at the end of the day and NOT having to worry about cooking.

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19. And there's nothing quite as satisfying as this:

20. But if you're being completely honest, prepping will never quite compare to eating.

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