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Pokémon Go Is Essentially A Fitness App And People Aren't Even Mad

Brb, becoming a runner so I can catch 'em all FASTER.

You may have heard of this little phenomenon called Pokémon Go.

And let's be real: It's secretly the best new fitness app on the market.

1. It's leading people to run around their cities catching Pokémon:

2. People are logging crazy miles:


4. Because OBVIOUSLY you have to track down faraway new additions to your Pokédex:

5. And boy is all that walking and running going to add up:

6. Wanna-be Pokémon Masters are getting creative about adding even MORE exercise to their days:

7. They're hitting up the gym more than ever:

8. They're recruiting friends to EXERCISE TOGETHER:

9. And exploring new running neighborhoods:

10. Seriously, it's the most brilliant scheme a true genius is probably behind:

It took eight years, but Michelle Obama finally figured out a way to get our generation in shape. #PokemonGO #PokemonFitness

11. People are throwing their fitness trackers for a loop:

12. Or replacing the trackers altogether:

13. Pokémon fitness isn't just limited to running and walking:

14. Group fitness vs. group Pokémon catching — THE WINNER IS CLEAR:

Pokemon GO is just insane right now. This is in Central Park. It's basically been HQ for Pokemon GO.

15. Of course, people are getting new workout swag:

16. The game's providing people with all sorts of workout incentive:

17. TL;DR, chasing after Pokémon is far more enjoyable than basically every other form of exercise: