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    13 Cheap Vibrators That Are Surprisingly Good

    Your wallet and vagina will thank you.

    When you're looking for a vibrator you can actually afford, wading through the crap can be hard — so we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their tried-and-true favorites.

    Here are their suggestions that are cheap AND will get the job done.

    1. GESS Ava Natural Flow Vibrator, $33.99


    "This baby is a dream. Water resistant, multi-speed, rechargeable, has a setting that warms it up so it feels more realistic. It’s great."


    Blue Lolly, Diana P. / Via

    "This works great! The purple one is smaller than I expected, but it’s amazing!"


    3. Babeland Orchid G, $22


    "My go-to vibe. The head gives powerful G-spot or clitoral stimulation, so it’s really versatile. It’s waterproof for shower fun and it’s hard plastic so really easy to clean! I’ve worn out many more expensive vibrators over the years, but this one is still my favorite and still going strong."


    4. Ann Summers Rose Gold Mini Vibrator, $12.67

    Ann Summers, Twitter: @annsummers

    "This is the best vibrator I’ve owned. It’s small but packs a serious punch and has 10 different vibration settings. It gets the job done every single time!"


    5. Pure Romance Please Me 7-Speed Bullet Vibrator, $33

    Pure Romance

    "If you want a cheap but powerful one, go for Please Me, a bullet vibrator more powerful than you can believe. It is amazing."


    6. Spencer's Diamond Wand Massager, $19.99


    "Me and my girlfriend half-ass bought this at Spencer's, hoping that it wouldn't be weak. It only takes two AA batteries, but it packs a surprising punch for something only worth $20. Best vibrator we have owned."


    7. Linglong Rechargeable Handheld Massager, $31

    mark h / Via, Linglong

    "This is a crazy-good vibrator for the price. It's rechargeable, which is pretty unheard of in cheaper toys in my experience. It's also very quiet, another quality of more expensive toys. Even since getting some higher quality vibes, I still haven't retired this baby!"

    —Amber Marks, Facebook

    8. Trojan Bullet Vibrating Massager, $24.99


    "Target sells ‘personal massagers,’ and on a very desperate whim I went and bought one because I couldn’t wait for shipping from any online store. Again, desperate. The one I got was by Trojan and that little guy puts in WORK."


    9. Oomph! Mini Bullet, $12.99


    "It lasted for a long time before it kinda just died on me, but it was seriously one of the best vibrators ever."


    10. Jimmyjane Iconic Smoothie, $20


    "Looks like it came from the Apple Store and easy to clean. Very. Powerful. Vibrations. It's hard and very bare bones (heh, bones) so lube is a must."


    11. California Exotic Clitoral Hummer, $13.42

    California Exotic

    12. Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket, $22.79

    Doc Johnson

    "It's quiet, small, easy to clean, and really cheap. It's not very fancy, but when you just want an orgasm it does the trick."

    —Samantha Hoover, Facebook

    13. Babeland Butterfly Kiss, $17


    "It's so cutesy looking I had to get it. The first toy I got lasted me about a year and I would recommend it for the price — though I’d invest on some rechargeable batteries cause I went through them quick."


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