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20 Times Tumblr Actually Made You Feel Better About Yourself

Your screw-ups aren't mistakes; they're "artistic choices."

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1. This friendly reminder that flaws aren't so bad:

2. These words of wisdom for when you're feeling like a garbage human:

3. This ultimate source of motivation:

4. This reminder of your incredible potential:

5. This vending machine that reminds you to push through dark times:

6. The best way to be the rebel you've always dreamed of being:

7. This post that proves you shouldn't have to ~play it cool~:

8. This reminder that you are heard:

9. This reminder that whoever you are, you should OWN IT:

10. These indispensable life lessons from gentle art king, Bob Ross:

11. The importance of embracing your fuck-ups:

12. This aspirational life goal that you too can achieve:

13. This necessary life motto:

14. This beautiful reminder of what a wondrous world we live in:

15. This reminder that if you try hard enough, you CAN create a legacy:

16. This attainable approach to adulthood:

17. This helpful tactic for dealing with negative thoughts:

18. This fact that makes everything immediately better:

19. This handy method of dealing with unwanted "suggestions":

20. And finally, this truth bomb to get you through the hard days:

Thanks for the support, Tumblr.
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