26 Tumblr Posts About Emotions That Will Make You Say "Same"

    "I don't care," I say, caringly, as I care deeply.

    1. This résumé of your crying talents:

    2. This Academy Award-winning lie:

    3. And this one:

    4. The search history of an emotional optimist:

    5. This necessary conversation break:

    6. This attempt at being chill:

    7. This complicated question:

    8. The soundtrack of your life, tbh:

    9. The times you're SO OVER your own shit:

    10. This coping mechanism:

    11. The most inconvenient of tears:

    12. The magical place:

    13. This very legit piece of data:

    14. The reason you should never talk, ever:

    15. This totally reasonable cause for a mental health day:

    16. This claim to fame:

    17. This incredible magic trick:

    18. This valiant effort:

    19. This more accurate acronym:

    20. That time you got so close:

    21. This reasonable response:

    22. This product you would definitely buy if it actually worked like this:

    23. This truth:

    24. This very intimidating threat:

    25. This thing that you can just never explain:

    26. And this effort that deserves a gold star: