17 Gorgeous Sex Toys You Won't Want To Hide In A Drawer

    Go ahead, leave them on your bedside table.

    1. This stunning rose quartz crystal that is out of this world:

    2. This sophisticated vibe that people would definitely mistake for art if you left it out:

    3. This hand-blown masterpiece bound to put you in a good mood:

    4. This sleek metal wand that will make you feel so classy:

    5. This twisty piece with a real goddamn Swarovski crystal in it:

    6. This dainty dildo that will make you feel like a Sailor Scout:

    7. This luxurious vibe that doubles as an elegant accessory:

    8. This amethyst dildo that will have you seeing stars:

    9. This sleek oral sex simulator that would look more at home with all your pricy beauty products:

    10. This stunning wand that you might wind up gazing at more than using:

    11. This wooden dildo that is so subtly elegant:

    12. These delicate pastel vibes that are #aesthetic incarnate:

    13. This shimmery stone dildo that's practically a moonstone fallen from the heavens:

    14. This pearlescent vibe you'll ask for over any piece of jewelry:

    15. This glass butt plug that is simply ~luminous~:

    16. This graceful dildo for all your darkest desires:

    17. This decadent as fuck 24-karat gold plated vibrator of your dreams: