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11 Charts That Will Speak To Everyone Who Fucking Loves Sleep

OK, how long until my next nap?

1. Unless your alarm is blaring after its ninth snooze, you're not getting up:

2. The benefits of sleeping cannot be ignored:

3. More time to sleep > more time to get ready:

4. Adulthood has one giant glaring fault:

5. Nothing and no one can make you feel as good as your bae sleep can:

6. You plan your next nap before you even get out of bed:

7. Do NOT wake the beast before it's ready:

8. Some things are very important in a relationship:

9. Anything less than eight hours of sleep a night and people need to stay out of your way:

10. You tried the whole ~morning productivity~ thing once. It didn't stick:

11. You're just a simple human with simple needs: