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29 Pictures That Show There's No Such Thing As A "Normal" Butt

Content you can really get ~behind~.

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"I actually have self-harm scars on my thighs. Going out in a bathing suit is always uncomfortable because the sunlight makes my scars stand out so much, but I’ve learned to love my scars and take them as a reminder that I am strong and don’t want to go back down that road."



Submitted by EllieSpeaks

"I’m a total pear shape, which has made transitioning from female to male a little difficult. But I’ve learned to love every part of me, which is something I’m really proud of."




Submitted by jrmart91

"This is my butt. It’s got some hair and it gets the occasional pimple from time to time. On my right cheek is a scar I got after I fell off the top of a vending machine in the third grade — just a little reminder that there are some things you shouldn’t climb. The white splotchy areas on my waist, inner thighs, and right cheek are from my vitiligo."




Submitted by juliap4a087f767

"I have a birthmark on my bum that points up to another one on my tailbone. I also have a lot of scars from insulin pump sites on my hips and legs. I worry already that my butt is too small/boxy, so it’s hard to deal with all the scarring as well. But it shows how far I’ve come dealing with type 1 diabetes and I’m stronger for it."



Submitted by feminoodle

"I didn’t really think about my butt so much until recently. From fifth grade on, my obsession was boobs boobs boobs, I guess because I didn’t really have them (still don’t!). But I guess in the end I’m pretty happy with my butt — weird pimples, stretch marks, and fat rolls underneath aside. At the very least, I have a nice place to sit."



Submitted by lerequin

"I have a lot of cellulite on my butt and my thighs. I also have some stretch marks at my hips. My butt is small and square and does not match my much larger upper body."




Submitted by danielleh49f913c77

“My butt isn’t the biggest and sometimes gets pimples all over it. From the side, you can tell my butt isn’t perky — it’s pretty flat. But no matter what, I managed to love my butt and my body!”



Submitted by cassiejeansims

“When I was 3, I fell into boiling water, and suffered second- and third-degree burns on around 80% of my body. I was left with some very deep scars so that my body could still continue to grow properly. Even with skin grafts, there is still a lot of scarring. As a kid, I always felt so different from others.

Now, as an adult, I wear my scars proudly, because they are a part of who I am. An ex pointed out to me once that I have an almost perfectly shaped heart scar right above my crack, so I guess that’s cute.”



Submitted by irisv4241fc743

"I have stretch marks, pimples, and a muffin top. Sometimes it takes a lot of reminding to love myself and sometimes I feel like my butt could rule the world. But at the end of the day, I’m just grateful I can sit down and rest."


Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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