17 Harmful Myths About Anxiety That You Need To Stop Believing

    It's not a ~real~ illness, you say?

    1. MYTH: Having an anxiety disorder = getting anxious about stuff.

    2. MYTH: If you have anxiety, you should avoid stressful situations so you don't make it worse.

    3. MYTH: Anxiety comes in one form.

    4. MYTH: Everyone experiences anxiety the same way.

    5. MYTH: You can always tell someone has an anxiety disorder.

    6. MYTH: Social anxiety is the same thing as being shy or introverted.

    7. MYTH: Anxiety disorders are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.

    8. MYTH: You always need a reason to be anxious.

    9. MYTH: Medication is the only way to treat anxiety

    10. MYTH: Anxiety is all in your head.

    11. MYTH: If you eat right, exercise, avoid caffeine, and live a healthy lifestyle, your anxiety will go away.

    12. MYTH: Give your anxious loved ones nonstop reassurance to help them deal.

    13. MYTH: Anxiety problems stem from issues you had in childhood.

    14. MYTH: Anxiety isn't that common.

    15. MYTH: You should always carry a paper bag in case you hyperventilate.

    16. MYTH: People with anxiety are mentally weak and just can't handle their shit as well as other people.

    17. MYTH: It's not a "real" illness.