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Which Bitch Are You?

You're a bitch, but which bitch are you?

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  1. What's your favorite color?

    Red/ Yellow
    Blood Red
    I'm an artist. All colors provoke emotion and provide me with memories unique to said hue. One cannot place a shade below or above the others. Except for the blue/brown combo. We left that in the 2000s for a reason.
  2. What's your favorite Movie?

    Anchorman. I would describe it as the perfect mix of romance and comedy. The splash of my former love, the flute, enhances the jazzy flavor of the whole film.
    I'm an artist. I could say something pretentious, such as any film by Lars von Trier, but instead I will exercise my right to plead the fifth. I'm also a remarkable government student, have I mentioned that before?
    Donnie Darko. I enjoy the fact that it gives me halloween vibes, considering I get off on the spooky.
  3. How would you describe your type of guy?

    As an artist, I enjoy men who have the ability to communicate creatively with me. Therefore, my go to archetype for boys I'm interested in would be the Musician.
    Intelligence is key. I need a rich man in order to live out my fantasy of being a part of the elite housewives. In order to get that cash, he must be smart.
    Drug dealer. I luv drugs and am willing to yank that crank if he'll give them to me free. ;)
  4. What's your favorite food?

    As I vegan I denounce any meat and dairy products, so I must say I enjoy a good bowl of Oatmeal with bananas on top. Don't believe me that the animal product industry is killing our planet? Watch Cowspiracy on Netflix. You'll see...
    Grilled Chicken keeps me lean when I'm not struggling to pay rent due to the fact that I'm an artist.
    Fried Chicken, but usually I'm on a diet so 7/10 times I will eat a healthy wrap as I stifle a tear. You'll never see me cry though, because crying is for bitches. Bitches like Lauren Thornton.
  5. Are you a gamer?

    I game hard. If you don't believe me just play me. You won't because you're too scared. If you button smash that doesn't count as a win.
    When not preoccupied by my severe fear of the obese and what life would be like if I joined their ranks, you can catch me on the interweb playing a mean game of Town of Salem.
    If you call "playing with my emotions until I'm emotionally crippled" a game, then I guess you could say I dabble in the gaming community.

Which Bitch Are You?

You got: Lauren

Congrats! You're a romantic artist with a hyperactive thyroid! You enjoy talking about pretentious artsy films, crying when mildly intoxicated, and taking the longest shits known to man. If a boy is a part of the band Telecom, you will pursue him.

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You got: Maddie

Congrats! You love to fight, drink, and not to mention fight! People assume you've had sex because you have big boobs, but boy are they wrong. You are the most likely to end up dating your drug dealer. But don't fret, Halloween is upon us and that is when you thrive.

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You got: Annabeth

Congrats! You are literally the devil! You enjoy the show community, calling yourself a vegan although you're not actually vegan, Aaron Woodgate's dad bod, and bananas. If you say you have no interest in a guy, 9 times out of 10 you will start dating him.

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