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Which One Of The College Betches Are You?

Find out which WashU girl you are

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  1. What are you doing on a thursday night

    Smoking weed
    Having sex
    Going out with your floor
  2. What sex position

    Melody maker
    Shower sex
    Doggy Style
    In a car
  3. Why would you get arrested

    Not knowing how to drive on a highway
    Credit card fraud (@mom)
    Locking yourself in a military base
    Academic dishonesty
    Staying at Michael's passed closing
  4. What is your beverage of choice

    Citron svedka shots
    Sour apple vodka
    Dirty Shirley Temple
    PiƱa Colada
  5. Favorite frat

    Kappa sig
    Alpha Delt
  6. How do you take a shot

    In ten sips
    Chased with cereal
    Spilled on your shirt
    Chased with crystal lite powder
    Only mixed drinks
  7. What's your go to store?

    American Eagle
    Stella 315
    Charlotte Russe
  8. What is your biggest fear?

    Not being able to watch football anymore
    Losing your East Bank Club membership
    Not finding a DFMO
  9. What's your relationship status

    Single and ready to mingle
    Secretly in a relationship
    Married couple
    Never single
    Still in love with fifth grade European crush
  10. What are you doing right now?

    Running to spinning class
    Planning with color coded stickers
    Still having sex
    Talking nonstop

Which One Of The College Betches Are You?

You got: Loie Gilbert

You are the ultimate basic betch. You live for Soul Cycle and kale smoothie. You can't go a day without talking about evanston boys aka Matteo. Your laptop tabs include nordstrom, lululemon, soul cycle and of course Betcheslovethis. You will most likely throw up after a night out and swear to drink again #lies You can be caught this summer at the East Bank Club or smoking on the beach.

Loie Gilbert
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You got: Anna Zarov

You are the ultimate planner. You plan to plan and can't go anywhere without stickers and your planner. You cry about everything but that's ok because you have a big heart that it will always work out in the end. You may get stressed out easily and can be caught in the library till 2am every day drinking coffee out of the vending machine. This summer you can be caught in the HP as a camp counselor living it out. QUEEN OF DFMOS

Anna Zarov
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You got: Maddy Kahn

You are so organized and have your entire life together. While you may seem to be stressed out you know you have everything in order. You are super adventourous and will do spontaneous things like go on a backpacking trip for three weeks and talk about it every single day. You live for the sports and the jewish games. Every food you eat is "TO DIE FOR" you are a super good friend and will do anything to help someone out.

Maddy Kahn
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You got: Gaby Altman

You are the brains of the group. While you may not like doing work, you are a genius and problem solutions come easily to you. You always end up having a boyfriend even if it may not have been a plan. You love good food especially mac and cheese and nutella. You sometimes may not be the luckiest person but things end up working out and you know your friends are always there for you.

Gaby Altman
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You got: Alissa Geller

You have the biggest heart in the world. You love to laugh (at yourself and every interaction you have) and make everyone feel comfortable. Every boy loves you and goes to you for advice and can count on you for everything. You are super sassy and while may come off as sweet you have a dark side that you only let some people see.

Alissa Geller
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