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    21 Of The Most Gorgeous Watercolor Tattoos We've Ever Seen

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    1. This delicate bouquet:

    2. This cool-ass octopus:

    3. This flowering branch:

    4. This homage to The Little Prince:

    5. This colorful tree:

    6. This pink poppy:

    7. This artsy guitar:

    8. This Lion King reference:

    9. This dreamy sailboat:

    10. This straight-up beautiful fox:

    11. This magical hot air balloon:

    12. This flowering set of deer antlers:

    13. This map of the world:

    14. This Alice In Wonderland one:

    15. This abstract triangle set:

    16. This bee and honeycomb:

    17. This fierce AF jellyfish:

    18. This hummingbird and flower duo:

    19. This graceful dancer:

    20. This incredibly detailed one:

    21. And finally, this one of Ariel and Flounder:

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    This post was translated from German.