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10 Romantic Ideas And Types Of Kisses To Make You A Good Kisser

Kiss is the best thing created by the nature to express the emotions and feelings of humans. When words are not enough to express the true feelings, their kisses do the wonders. Kisses not only get two people close but they bring two souls together. Kisses expresses respect, love, emotions of being together and a promise of not leaving each other. Every kiss has a certain connection to the every other individual, whether it’s a kiss of love, passion or a warm gesture, it surely gives you a very strong vibes. Kisses aren’t made on the face only there are lots of places where you can kiss on the body. A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words are not needed. There are different types of kisses which have different meanings about them. Here we are giving you brief ideas on kisses and also different types of it. So just read it and make yourself a good and romantic kisser.

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Cheek Kiss


This kiss is very common. Can be done in any relationship. parents gives this kiss to their children. Brother – sister does this kiss. Friends can kiss each other, and obviously couple do it to spark love between them.

Earlobe Kiss


These kisses are the easiest way to arouse the partner and giving them the clear idea of what exactly you wish to do in the romantic activity. Earlobe kisses are an easy way to start a romantic move when you can’t really figure out how to start the things.

Eskimo Kiss


Kiss which is done by pressing the tip of one’s nose against another’s. Mostly it is done between the friends or sometimes mother gives such kisses to their babies. Couple to can perform, however making sure their lips don’t slide in between.

Forehead Kiss


This kiss is done on forehead by the partner to show that they respect you for who you are. It is known as the start up kiss as well. Start up kiss for expressing what they are expecting in the terms of romance.

French Kiss


This kiss is the most popular kiss in the world. In this kiss tongue plays the vital role. Couple has to move their tongue in each other mouth. It should be done slowly and should last for few minutes. The research says that if couple do this kiss for an hour they can burn 120 calories. So you can skip your workout if you do this kiss for an hour.

Lip Biting Kiss


It’s a teasing kiss. Couple do it to give their partner a hint of moving towards the romantic side. It’s not like biting the lips literally.. it’s just pressing it with teeth. So don’t take the word literally otherwise your partner will start bleeding and you will end in handling them then to do something romantic.

Single Lip Kiss


It’s a cute and romantic form of kiss. In which one of the partner presses the other partner lip either upper or lower by .their both .the lips. Partner has to suck and sandwich their lip at the same moment. Most of the couples find this kiss the most romantic kiss.



Now this kiss is an aggressive kiss. It is the combination of French and lip lock kiss. It is not performed as the other two, however its done with more passion. Shows the need of the couple what exactly they need. Its starts with a rush and does not ends till both the lovers wants to get parted from each other.

Vampire Kiss


This kiss is done with more passion. It leaves a mark on that part where your partner will be kissing you. This mark is also known as hickey. Partners should ask their partner before giving him or her this vampire kiss. It leaves a visible marks for days, can put your partner in embarrassment, if seen by the loved ones.;) it involves byte and sucking while giving this kiss. So leave your love marks but do it where its not visible to others but to your partner only.

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