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Digital Content Creation For IDM

We leave home to join Universities thinking it will be the most enjoyable experiences of our life time but i TOTALLY disagree. First year was OK but being in second year is very torturous (already thinking of final year now). It is not just lectures, exams and extra activities, It is more about Placement!. Below, i have created info-graphic to show how it is like being at universities. It could be totally different for some but this is my viewings.

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This is for Interactive Digital Marketing unit. I have created this Info-graphic using PowerPoint to show some facts and experiences about University Life. As an undergraduate student, i cannot describe any better than this.


This is same as the first one but it is described in more simple ways. Please give it some LIKES, if you love my ideas and designs. THANK YOU/ DHANYAWAD/ KAMSAHAMNIDA/ ARIGATOU/ SUKRIYA/ MERCI/ GRACIAS!

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