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The Definitive Ranking Of Jessica Lebedynski's Best Hairstyles

Jessica Lebedynski is the Sarah Paulson of Winnipeg. She can pull off any hairstyle and look incredible. I use this as evidence when I try to convince her to be an actress. This article is an homage to Jessica Lebedynski's hair: so versatile, so inspiring.

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13. Purple Witch Hair

What could be cuter than is Jessica now? Baby Jessica dressed as a witch for Halloween and rocking some long purple hair. This may have been the first time she had purple hair, but it sure wasn't the last (Ooo foreshadow!)

11. Brown to Pinkish/Orangey Ombre Curls

This is a look very few can pull off, but Jessica has done it! She is truly gifted :') The orange tints in her hair really bring out the kaleidoscope of colours in her eyes. Pretty!

10. Brown to Pinkish/Orangey Ombre Spice Girls Look

Did Mel B pull of this look in the 90s? Debatable. Did Jess L pull off this look in 2016? HELL YES. Jessica is giving us everything in this picture, she is WORKING this hairstyle!

6. Long Straight Brown Hair

I believe these auburn locks are Jessica's natural colour. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Her natural colour is the same colour as Sarah Paulson's hair in AHS Asylum when she is a famous investigative journalist. I am speechless.

5. Straight Ice Blonde Bob

I didn't think I could love her hair more than the strawberry blonde, but then she comes in with the ice blonde and I don't even know what to do with myself. I am awestruck! Channeling Trish Walker, Jessica is flawless!

3. Shoulder Length Brown Hair

This hair is AMAZING. So healthy, so shiny, so beautiful! Like, no amount of emojis can even express how I feel about this hairstyle! Also, Jessica looks like a southern pageant queen!

2. Voluminous Shoulder Length Red Hair

Oops, how did this pic of Julianne Moore get on the list? JUST KIDDING IT'S JESSICA! Jessica is a glowing sphere of magic and this hair reflects it perfectly! I am emotionally shook right now, because this hair is life changing!

1. Ice Blonde Curls

I AM CRYING! She has taken my breath away! Oh my God. THIS. IS. EVERYTHING. I am 100% obsessed. Like let's all have a minute of silence in appreciation of this hair.

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Moral of the story: Jessica Lebedynski is gorgeous, Jessica Lebedynski's hair is gorgeous. And I couldn't be more honoured to have this hair prodigy as my Trish Walker. You are the SUN (This is a Grey's Anatomy reference that you won't understand) God bless us all everyone.

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