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Siri Shuts Down Anyone Who Tries To Call Caitlyn Jenner By Her Old Name

OK, Siri, you're not so bad.

So sass queen Siri has received a lot of attention recently after dragging her loyal users through the mud.

After asking Siri what zero devided by zero is

Ugh, come on, Siri.

i just asked siri what's 0 divided by 0 and she got me feeling like .. :(((

But as it turns out, she might not be SO bad. If you ask her questions using Caitlyn Jenner's old name, she immediately corrects you.

Via lastnovember4.tumblr.com

And she doesn't play any games when you ask about Caitlyn Jenner's gender.

So yes, our favorite personal assistant might have finally redeemed herself in the eyes of the public.

Via repulsory.tumblr.com

Not bad, Siri. Not bad.