21 Pure Tumblr Posts About How Beautiful Women Are

    "Girls are so pretty I'm stressed."

    1. Hello. Hi. Yes.

    2. We are gathered here today because women are beautiful.

    3. Like, very beautiful.

    4. Like very, very beautiful.

    5. Like oh my god, how...?

    6. How do they...?

    7. How do WE...?

    8. How does anyone get anything done knowing beautiful women exist??

    9. They're outside. They're inside. Sometimes right next to you. Just.

    10. *sighs very loudly*

    11. It's almost cruel.

    12. Where are you supposed to look without getting flustered???

    13. It's so unfair, but also we have been so goddamn gifted.

    14. Oh my god, women.

    15. There are just nO WORDS...

    16. ...to describe...

    17. ...how blessed we are...

    18. ...to have women...

    19. ...in our lives.

    20. It's truly an honor.

    21. *stage whisper* Yes.