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5 Asian Startups Redefining Fitness In 2017

Take a look how these five wearables are making their foray into the Asian market and are looking to side track the international brands in becoming the go-to device for fitness enthusiasts.

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Fitness is the mantra these days and there’s a list of gadgets that promise to keep you active. From Pedometers to fitness monitors to smart watches, you have a range of gadgets to keep your fitness in check while making a fashion statement. When it comes to Fitbit, Nike and Jawbone, the number of users easily run in million. Fitbit is the gadget that is currently the hot pick. However, there are some problems that users of these gadgets face, especially in Asia. While the gadgets help keep a calorie count of a pancake or a slice of bacon, it gets difficult when it comes to Asian food.

Another problem with these wearable fitness gadgets is that users slowly lose interest in tracking their calorie intake, step count and sleep monitors. The gadgets also don’t go with their wardrobe and the novelty of it wears off within a few months.

It is because of these reasons that Asian startups are coming up with gadgets that are customized for the need of the users. Many Asian startups are coming out with interesting gadgets that would appeal more to the users.

Here are the top five startups that are redefining the world of fitness:

Mymo is a wearable developed by Tupelo. The Dubai based company works in the field of wellness and health technology. This wearable device has a very interesting take on health. It allows the users to cash in their fitness achievements for cash, mobile talk time, groceries and airline miles. Martyn Molnar, the CEO of Tupelo carried out a study in the University of California, where he studied 60,000 users of these wearable devices. He saw that the drop rate for these were 85 percent. Molnar realized that if Tupelo is planning on coming out with a new kind of fitness wearable device, they will have to make it appeal to the users in a different way.

Mymo instead of being a wristband, is nothing more than a clip-on device. The size isn’t bigger than a coin and this cuts down the excuses of not wearing the device as it clashes with the wardrobe. The device has a battery life of six months. It tracks the users’ distance travelled, steps, and calories via an Android and Apple device. The device has an annual subscription. The premium members get remote access to a doctor, personal trainer and disease prevention and intervention programs.

Noodum is a collaboration of Mars, the developer and Okayboss, the designer. These two met at a digital agency years ago and decided to work together. They named the app after their cats, NOOdle and DUMdum. Noodum monitors your steps with its pedometer. The more you walk, the more you burn calories. Noodum needs the users to walk more to unlock different Wokamon creatures. Noodum is 50% complete and interested users can enjoy the demo with their GPS.

While the prototype of the app is complete, the developers still need some money to work on the functionality design and built. Noodum is still a bit rough around the edges and needs a little push to complete it.

The developers have realized the importance of fitness and they hope that their app will make walking easy and fun. With the app combining games with a goal, they feel that the users will feel more involved. The developers will keep adding features as and when the app grows.

The Tread Tracker is the RunSocial hardware. RunSocial has been launched on iOS devices and can be cast from your Smart TV, iPhone and iPad. Tread Tracker gets its data from the wiring set in place beneath the treadmill or the underside of the running surface. The hardware is connected to the phone or tablet via the smart device and phone. Once the wearable device is paired with your Apple device, it can track your speed and keeps updating the RunSocial app.

Before this purchasing device, make sure that your treadmill has ground clearance for you to set it up and connect. The wearable device comes with inbuilt rechargeable battery.

GOYO is a fitness app and wearable device made by a Sri Lankan company. The device represents wellness and well being. It focuses on an eco-system revolving around healthy living, cultivating healthy habits and looking good. The GOYO app works like a Personal Health Advisor that motivates you to work towards achieving your daily target and rewards you for the accomplishments with great Partner offers.

The app is aimed at the average Sri Lankan and provides exclusive offers on Partners, including top local and international brands. The GOYO App offers you specific challenges, monitors your progress and rewards you for every achievement that you achieve.

The GOYO App offers one year free membership to every new user with the purchase of the GOYO Wearable. Members can get amazing offers by renewing their membership annually.

Sharanyan Sharma, an GOYO enthusiast regularly challenges his friends and family with the GOYO App fitness challenges. Sharanyan Sharma regularly shares his updates and challenges on Facebook and other social media and connects with like-minded fitness enthusiasts. When GOYO members complete specific challenges, they get rewarded for their accomplishments with discounts and deals from the partner companies. The deals are available to all those who own a smartphone in Sri Lanka.

HealthifyMe is a fitness app that’s backed by Micromax. The app helps users calculate the calorie level of more than 20,000 Indian dishes. CEO Tushar Vashisht, who previously worked as an investment banker with Deutsche Bank set HealthifyMe in 2012 and since then, there’s been no turning back. Vashisht claims that the app has one of the most accurate databases. The company has gone through multiple software and database revamp over the last two decades.

The app roped in multiple nutritionist to build their database. While the app still being worked upon, as many as 250 nutritionists saw the app and recommended changes. The app does in minutes what nutritionists do in 20-30 mins. The challenge to build and develop the app was immense since every region in India and Asia have different food habits and dishes.

The company plans to expand their base to 1000 nutritionists and over 20 lakhs users.

Wrapping Up!

These are the five best Asian startups that plan on revamping the world of fitness. The top five wearables discussed are making their foray into the Asian market and are looking to side track the international brands in becoming the go-to device for fitness enthusiasts. If you are planning on giving a fitness device a shot, try your hands on the Asian products. You will see that they are more customized for those living in the region when compared to the international brands.

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