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    15 Scary Easter Bunnies

    Not every bunny is adorable.

    1. This bunny is staring deep into your soul


    The little girl looks happy somehow...

    2. This bunny is a hot mess


    I don't blame the baby for looking upset.

    3. This bunny looks like it has a mustache


    The baby is like "WTF is this thing?"

    4. This bunny looks like it will sacrifice you


    That boy looks very confused.

    5. This bunny will just stare at you


    That boy looks very uncomfortable. I don't blame him.

    6. This bunny looks drunk


    I would also be crying if I had to sit on it's lap.

    7. Is that a carrot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


    The boy doesn't know what to think.

    8. This bunny looks happy to eat you


    That girl looks concerned.

    9. This bunny is what nightmares are made of


    The girl is like "WTF is that?"

    10. This bunny looks pleased to see you


    That girl sure looks happy for one reason or another.

    11. This bunny had too much beer


    Go home bunny. You're drunk.

    12. This bunny looks mad


    She sure isn't pleased to be here.

    13. This bunny looks hungover


    Again, go home bunny. You're drunk.

    14. This bunny looks very pleased to see you


    I would also be throwing a fit if I had to sit on that bunny's lap.

    15. And this bunny looks totally stoned


    The baby looks very content.

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