Family Guy Vs The Simpsons: Who Did It Best?

Two great cartoons about two unusual families are bound to hit some common themes once in a while. But who comes out on top? Catch Family Guy, The Simpsons and more on the season premiere of Animation Domination, starting at 8/7c on September 30th on FOX!

1. The Star Wars Homage

Peter Griffin as Jabba The Hutt? Seems like a natural fit.

Yes you are Ralph, yes you are.

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2. The Harry Potter Mention

In Treehouse of Horror XII, The Simpsons kids attend “Springwart’s School of Magicry” and J.K. Rowling herself appears in a later episode of the series entitled “The Regina Monologues”

When Lois asks Peter where the ski mask for their matching costumes is, he answers: “it’s kind of hard to breathe in those things so I just dressed up like Harry Potter.”

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3. The Pulp Fiction Reference

This episode of The Simpsons also featured a take off of the “royal with cheese” scene at Krusty Burger.

This episode of the Family Guys also featured a spoof of the famous dinner scene between Uma Thurman and John Travolta.

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4. The Willy Wonka Parody

The Simpson’s take uses bacon instead of the classic chocolate bar. Good call.

The Family Guy’s golden ticket is hidden in a beer, perfect for Peter (more on that later).

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5. The Fighting Wife

In “The Great White Hope” episode, Marge trains in mixed martial arts with a coach reminiscent of Mike Tyson. At the match, she takes the mic to denounce the violence of the sport, but everyone has already left the arena.

In “Baby, You Knock Me Out”, Lois takes up competitive boxing in as a way to channel her frustration with Peter. She eventually retires but fights in on more match against Deirdre Jackson, whose vicious reputation precedes her.

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6. The Arch-Nemesis

Peter and Ernie The Giant Chicken engage in some pretty epic fights. You’ll get him someday, Peter!

Sideshow Bob’s obsession with exacting his revenge on Bart for getting him thrown in jail after he framed Krusty for an armed robbery in Season 1 is as creepy as it is entertaining.

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7. The Family Pets

Adopted from the dog racing track after his owner dumped him for losing a race, Santa’s Little Helper is all greyhound, with perhaps a few neurons missing.

Brian, the Griffin family’s highly intelligent dog is a tortured soul: in love with Lois, too smart to be a dog, and battling some serious inner demons, it’s a pity he can’t seem to catch a break.

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8. The Binge Drinker

Though both Peter and Homer share a deep love for brews, Peter’s dedication to getting “hammahd” is superior in every way.

Mmm, beer.

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9. The IRL Cross-over

10. The Encounter With A Kangaroo

Both Bart and Homer have sticky run-ins with Kangaroos during their visit down under. Ick.

Peter might be comfortable here but that Kangaroo doesn’t exactly walk away unscathed, poor thing.

EDGE: Neither

11. Hell

Turns out hell ain’t so bad after all for Homer. When Flanders/Satan sentences him to eternal damnation in one “Treehouse of Horror” special, Homer is punished by being forced to mechanically eat hundreds of donuts, which he of course enjoys.

In Peter’s imagining of hell, he runs into a number of unsavory characters such as Hitler, Al Capone, and Superman, who reveals a heinous crime he committed to earn his stay there.

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12. The Wacky Newscasters

Kent Brockman’s penchant for narcissism and over-dramatization as the host of “Eye On Springfield” is a perfect take on the modern newscaster.

Quahog News’ Tom Tucker and his team of stereotypical television news personality are all over-the-top parodies of network TV clichés.

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