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15 Best 2000's Jams Perfect For Valentine's Day

Justin Timberlake, Akon, Alicia Keys and so many others provided us with the most outrageous, emotional and Valentine’s Day worthy tunes…These 10 songs should be blasted from your Hit Clips at Full Volume

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1. Cry Me a River / Via

Justin Timberlake belts his heart out in this classic love song. “You were my sun, you were my Earth.” Sounds pretty romantic if you asked me…And, this Valentine’s Day, definitely head to CVS for a tissue box, or two and let this 2000’s love anthem envelop your day…

2. Irreplaceable / Via

Queen B, as usual, delivers a heart wrenching and a majestic gem of the 2000’s…”To the left”: this song left us with a revolutionary phrase. “Irreplaceable” should have a special place in our heart this Valentine’s Day as you snack on those delicious Godiva chocolates.

3. Apologize / Via

One Republic’s groundbreaking hit is the perfect jam for Valentine’s Day. Not only do you hear Timbaland’s epic vocals in this pop song, but One Republic also delivers the biggest wake up call of the 2000s era: It’s too late to apologize.

4. Love in this Club / Via

Usher has the ability to serenade us in this R&B hit of the 2000s, “Love in this Club.” Sensual and seductive, we can’t help but feel obligated to keep this song on repeat with our without a boo in our life.

5. You’re Beautiful / Via

“You’re Beautiful, it’s true.” Well, James Blunt, you dang poet….this 2000s hit is the perfect jam for Valentine’s Day as it reminds us that we are beautiful, and maybe we don’t need a guy to tell us…unless it’s James Blunt.

6. Beautiful Girls / Via

Nothing quite screams the 2000s era like the voice of Sean Kingston in “Beautiful Girls.” His Jamaican voice captured all of our hearts, and convinced us that we were one of the many beautiful girls that made him nothing short of “suicidal.”

7. Whatcha Say / Via

Jason Derulo edged us into the song of the century with his signature vocals when singing his own name. And, continuing on, Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” convinced us that when he became famous, he would do anything for us? Sign me up…circa 2009.

8. No One / Via

Alicia Keys…the voice of an angel. And, in “No One” she guarantees us that she will never worry…because everything is all right. And, when you blast this song on Valentine’s Day, with a voice like that, how can you doubt her?

9. Love Song / Via

Probably the most appropriate karaoke song worthy on this list, “Love Song” transformed us into women today…we know what we want (of course when we were listening to this on our iPod nanos, we probably didn’t realize that).

10. I'm Yours / Via

That guitar of Jason Mraz stole all of ours hearts when “I’m Yours” came out. The “do-do’s” Mraz effortlessly belts throughout the song can’t help but transport us into some sort of romantic campfire setting where we are endlessly cuddled…Jason Mraz tends to do that to you too right?

11. Big Girls Don't Cry / Via

Emotional. Heartwrenching. Addictive. Yeah, those three words definitely describe Fergie’s hit, “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I couldn’t think of a more cuddle-worthy song than this gem of the 2000s.

12. She Will Be Loved / Via

Maroon 5: the ideal band of the 2000s. And Adam Levine’s calm, sexy and empathetic voice is nothing short of perfection. “She Will Be Loved” reminds us that one day someone (hopefully who looks like Levine) will notice “our broken smile” and won’t mind spending each day “Out on your corner in the pouring rain”

13. Don't Speak / Via

No Doubt- undoubtedly-changed the 2000s era with this hit single…. “Don’t Speak” expresses that maybe words should be kept in. Gwen Stefani’s heavenly voice encourages nothing but quietness and should resonate with us…and on Valentine’s Day, I hope the only time you have to speak is when the pizza guy delivers your pizza.

14. Misery Business / Via

For all those headbangers circa 2007, Paramore made it acceptable to express frustration and anger. When Hayley Williams belted her heart out saying, “But I’ve gotten what I wanted now” we all knew she felt really really good…so this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to feeling really really good, as Hayley Williams would want.

15. Don't Matter / Via

Akon successfully takes us back to the 2000s and assures us that it doesn’t matter in this hit single. “Nobody wants to see us together,” sang Akon, and although the haters hate, Akon couldn’t care less, “But it don’t matter, no (‘cause I got you).” Sounds like the perfect love story if you ask me…

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