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British Invasion Songs To Rock Your Heart

Keep Calm and Rock on!

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Listen to British Music of the 1960s and Rock On!

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British Invasion or The British Invade musical art era emerged in the 1960s mainly from popularity of 'The Beatles' and many other prominent British rock bands emerged in this decade: Deep Purple, Dave Clark Five and The Kinks to name a few. The British Invasion era was inspired by US Rock n' Roll from Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison.

1960s is the decade of many social progression or as the art exhibit in 'Victoria and Albert Museum' titles it as: 'You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966 - 1970'. Accordingly, the social changes that have occurred in the 1960s such as the USA Civil Rights 1964 and UK Parliamentary debate in to joining the European Community will definitely have influenced the music and art of the era, because political and social events would have triggered the era's art scenes and British Invasion, is no exception.

The influence of the British Invasion art era is very prominent that it has made the UK one of the biggest music producers from Liverpool to Manchester and London, and elsewhere and may be responsible for the birth of Indie-rock music of 2000s.

1. Because - Dave Clark Five

Year: 1964

'It's right, it's right to feel I do,

Because, because I love you.'

2. You Really Got Me - The Kinks

Year: 1964

'Girl, you really got me going.

You got me so, I don't know what I'm doing now.'

3. Hush - Deep Purple

Year: 1968

'I got certain little girl, she's on my mind

No doubt about it she looks so fine.'

4. Arnold Layne - Pink Floyd

Year: 1967

'Arnold Layne had a strange hobby,

Collecting clothes,

Moonshine washing line'

The song 'Arnold Layne' is the band's first debut single. One of their most famous songs are 'Another Brick The Wall' - 'we don't need no education'. Their song, 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond' is the song choice of Sandra Izbasa, a Romanian gymnast, during her floor exercise in London Olympics 2012.

5. Happy Together - The Turtles

Year: 1967

'I can't see me loving nobody but you,

For all my life.

When you're with me,

Baby the skies will be blue,

For all my life'

6. Drive My Car - The Beatles

Year: 1965

'Baby you can drive my car,

Yes! I'm gonna be a star,

Baby you can drive my car,

And maybe I'll love you.'

A song famously written by Sir Paul McCartney (but not as overplayed as 'Hey Jude').

7. My Generation - The Who

Year: 1965

'Just because we get around,

Talkin' 'bout my generation.'

So many things have happened in the 1960s, to name a few remarkable events they are: JFK assassination, Civil Rights Act of 1964 (banning discrimination on: race, gender, religion and ethnicity) and Voting Rights Act of1965 (US President Lyndon Johnson allows African-American to vote).

Meanwhile at home (the UK): 1960s was the decade when Parliament debates about the UK's membership of the EC (European Community - the former name of the EU European Union).

8. Satisfaction (I Can't No) - The Rolling Stones

Year 1964

'I can't get no satisfaction,

I can't get no satisfaction,

cause I try, and I try, and I try...

I can't get no, I can't get no'

Who would ever forget the most famous song sung by Mick Jagger?

9. The House of the Rising Sun - The Animals

Year: 1964

'There is a house in New Orleans,

They call the Rising Sun,

And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy'

10. Catch the Wind - Donovan

Donovan is not a band, but he is rather a musician from Scotland.

Year: 1965

'In the chilly hours and minutes

Of uncertainty, I want to be

In the warm hold of your loving mind'

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