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    Here's What You Should Care About Before The Major League Baseball Playoffs

    It's okay, we asked for help, too.

    Nobody* cares about baseball until the playoffs.

    Well wake up youth! The playoffs start literally right now.

    Don't know what the playoffs even are? It's okay. Some of us didn't either. So we asked the people in our lives to help us get caught up on the most relevant storylines heading into the MLB playoffs.

    Some were not that helpful.

    Some of them had a lot to say.

    So, like, what's up with playoffs, they're important?

    Phew, okay, so the playoffs are a big deal.

    But you're gonna need more info if/when you go to your favorite sports bar (because they have free popcorn) and find yourself surrounded by knowledgeable drunks discussing the current big game. You want to be able to pretend you know what's going on.

    Okay, so what's happening first?

    Then tomorrow:

    So Pirates fans are excited.

    But lots of people are excited about the (slim) possibility of the Cubs breaking the curse.

    Actually, this year a lot of teams who have been bad for a long time are now good. That's exciting! People who care about baseball are excited.

    The Mets, the team from New York who are not the Yankees, are good when usually they are bad, and that has people stoked.

    If you're going to arbitrarily root for one team, the Mets are a safe choice.

    Also, a lot of people are intrigued by about the Los Angeles Dodgers, and their dynamic pitching duo of Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw.

    People wonder whether Kershaw, one of the league's premier pitchers over the past five seasons, can finally step up in the post-season (where his stats have traditionally fallen off.)

    Basically, just regurgitate any of the sentences or phrases from any of these texts and you should be able to get by in a bar.