This Woman Smashing Her Face Into Bread Is Oddly Compelling

    Smush it, smush it real good.

    Bread is a food but it can also make a great pillow.

    Bread Face is an Instagram video series where a woman smashes her face into different types of bread. It's as simple as that, and people are loving it.

    "I like the way it feels!" she told BuzzFeed Life. "And thought maybe it would make someone happy out there."

    Each episode features a different bread and a different song.

    "[The bread] is whatever I have on hand or am about to eat anyways. I do take suggestions now but the queue is quite long," the artist told BuzzFeed Life. "Cornbread might've been the only one I put some thought into since it was around Thanksgiving."

    As the page continues to blow up, the artist is open-minded about the variety of responses, even those that view Bread Face as some sort of fetish experience.

    "Breadfaceblog is what it is. If it's something people laugh at, roll their eyes at, or get turned on by — that's all great! I get it."

    Still, there are the unavoidable ignorant and creepy comments from men.

    "Fortunately (and unfortunately) life as a girl has prepped me for all that," she says. "People say very blunt, honest things to me about their sexuality that they'd probably never be able to say in real life and I think that's awesome."

    Regardless, the response to videos of a girl pressing her face into various breads has been overwhelmingly positive. "People have even asked to buy the smooshed bread afterwards which is so amazing."

    But the artist is nonchalant about the appeal of her unique project.

    "I think if you were to ask anyone on the street if they'd like to see a girl rub her face in some bread, they'd probably say yes. At least once."