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"Things My Dick Does" Is Dick Pics You Might Actually Want To See

It's amazing what a smiley face will do. (We repeat, NSFW).

Penises are generally not great to look at.

But the man behind the Things My Dick Does Tumblr has found a way to disarm his dick: drawing cute smiley faces and adorable arms on it, putting it in hilarious situations. If you have to see a dick today, this is probably the most charming dick to see.

Here's the dick having fun in the kitchen.

Here he is enjoying a bath.

Just hangin'.

That time he had too much wine.

Ouch! Stop that.

Cuddling with an adorable friend.

How I feel when I wake up, too.

Pay attention to meeeee.


Phew, he's OK.

Check out more dick adventures at Things My Dick Does.

I mean, if you're into that sort of thing.